Employer Account Information

Where do I go to buy a job?

Click Pricing or Post a Job from the main menu to bring you to the different job posting packages we offer. You can always reach one of our recruitment advertising specialists for assistance as well by filling out the contact us form or giving them a call at (888) 842-7842.


What type of payments do you accept?

The career center currently accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and we can invoice in some occasions, as well.


I can’t find my receipt!

A receipt will be emailed to the email address associated with your employer account. It will also be listed in your billing history.


How do I edit/change my contact information and/or password?

Log in with your current email address and password. Click the Preferences under the greeting in the right-hand corner.  


How can I attract more applicants to my job posting?

Give one our recruitment advertising specialists a call at (888) 842-7842. We are here to help!


How do I delete my account?

Please contact us at (888) 842-7842 to delete your account. We will remove your information from our website.



Posting Your Jobs

Is there a fee to post a job?

Yes. Jobs must be purchased before they can be posted. You can learn about our job posting package options by clicking Available Offers once logged into your employer account or from Pricing in the main menu.


How do I post a job?

You can post a job by going to the Post a Job button in the right or on the dashboard. Here you can choose the job posting package you’re interested in. You’ll then be brought to a checkout page where you will enter your payment information. You will then be prompted to post your job!


Apply Methods: You can select one of three ways Job seekers are to apply.

  1. Use your account on the Career Center to manage your applications
  2. Applicants and their resumes, and cover letters emailed to a specific address
  3. Enter an URL where Job seekers will be redirected

Note: Applications of job seekers who apply by email are stored in your account. We cannot store the candidate’s information if we redirect them away from the Career Center as they have just clicked through from our site to yours.


I've posted my job, but I can't find it in the job search results!

It can take up to 10 minutes for your newly posted job to appear in the search results on the Career Center.


Where can I view a list of jobs that I have posted?

You can manage jobs you have posted by clicking the link "Manage Existing Jobs" on your dashboard or in the menu bar. Please notice the drop down that defaults to Active. You can organize your postings by Active, Expired, or Suspended.

Note: Only active jobs are returned in your job list. If you would like to view your expired or suspended jobs, you must first click that option in the available filter.


Can I edit a job I've posted? 

Access your job list by clicking the Manage Existing Jobs on your dashboard or in the menu bar. Select Edit from the list of action dropdowns to make the desired changes.

Note: It can take up to 10 minutes for your changes to appear on that job when viewed in the search results.


My job has been filled. How can I delete it?

Jobs cannot be deleted. To remove a job from the active list, select Suspend from the action's dropdown on the Manage Existing Jobs page.


How can I set up resume alerts?

Log into your account and hover over “Resumes” in the main menu. From there, click on “Resume Agents” which will bring you to a new page to create a customized email alert. These alerts arrive in your inbox automatically when a job seeker uploaded a resume that matches the criteria you inputted. You may unsubscribe from this service at any time by clicking the "Delete" option listed to the right of each alert.



Resume Database

Is there a fee associated with the resume database?

Yes, access to our resume database must be purchased. Please note, it may be included in a billing item.  


How do I search the resume database?

To search resumes, log into your account and in the My Employer Account page, click "Find Resumes." Use the search bar on the left.


How can I set up resume alerts?

Log into your account and on the dashboard or in the menu bar click “Resumes by email." Click the option to add a new alert. You can set up a variety of alerts, so be sure to name each one with a title that makes sense to you. You may unsubscribe from this service at any time by clicking the "Delete" option listed to the right of each alert.