Once created you can tailor your account by adding contact information, past work experience, and more to facilitate the job application process.

You can upload different resumes and cover letters to make applying for jobs on site even easier.

There is no charge to create an account or post your resume.

You can add, modify, or delete your resume by selecting “Resumes & Cover Letters” under the menu bar.

You may post more than one resume in your account.

You can hide your resume from employers that have access to the resume database by de­selecting the checkbox “make this resume searchable to employers” when you are uploading/adding a resume.

Absolutely. No two job descriptions are the same. We always recommend customizing your resume for each and every job you apply to. Take time to review the job description carefully and research the company. Make sure your resume includes the required skills and technology requested in the job description. Also be sure you reference the work processes and specific keywords mentioned in the posting.

Log in with your current email address and password. Click My Account and Edit Profile found under the Job Seeker navigation button.

Log in with your current email address and password. Click My Account and Edit Profile found under the Job Seeker navigation button, then select the "edit" link next to your name.

Please contact us to delete your account and all of your information.

Job Searching

No! Anyone can apply for a job on our site. However, you will not be able to store your resume or keep track of the jobs you've applied to unless you are registered and logged in at the time you apply for a job.

1. Using the Job Board homepage

You can quickly find jobs using broad search criteria. Enter a keyword into the first field (keyword) and a city, state, or zip code into the second field (location) and click Find a Job. The value you enter into the keyword field will search the entire jobs database for those words in both the job title and job description.

2. Using advanced and filtered search

From the homepage, click the Advanced Search link under the Find a Job button. If you run a search using the method above, you'll end up on a page with job search results from the advanced search options on the left hand of the screen.

With advanced search, you can search using any of the following fields. None of the fields are required and you can get as specific or as broad as you'd like:

Keywords - this will search the entire jobs database for those words in both the job title and job description

Categories - select one or more categories you are interested in, and jobs posted only into the matching categories will be listed

Location - find jobs within a specified location. Enter a city, state, zip code, and/or country. The system will automatically find jobs within 25 miles of the location you selected unless you choose a different search radius using the Zip Code Radius field

Position Type - choose the kind of job you are looking for, whether it is full or part time

Minimum/Maximum Salary - enter a minimum and/or maximum salary to find jobs in the range you are looking for. Please note, if a job was posted without salary information and you use this search option, the job will not appear.

Experience Level - select any experience level you are interested in. Companies choose the minimum experience level required for the position when posting.

Education Level - select any education levels you are interested in. Companies choose the minimum education level required for the position when posting.

Of course! At the top of the job results list you will see the option Sort by - with a drop down menu that enables jobs viewing by Date or by Salary. Clicking on the word Date will change how the job postings are sorted, having the most recent positions listed at the top and older ones as you go down the list.

Go to the Job Board main page.

1. Enter the position you’re interested in or specific keywords that describe it.

2. In the second field, enter the preferred location.

3. Click on Find a Job button to perform the search.

Location search can also be performed through Advanced Search.

1. Click on the Advanced Search link.

2. Enter the location of your preference.

3. Enter all details specific to your job search, such as: Job Categories, Keywords, Salary Range, Experience Level, Education Level, etc.

4. This will search the entire jobs database based on the location given and narrow it by parameters you have specified in the Advanced Search fields.

You may choose to save a list of jobs to review at a later date. Saved jobs can be found in the "Saved Jobs" area on your Account page. Your saved jobs will be remembered until you choose to delete them. Note: If a job expires and is removed from our system, you will not be able to recover the saved job.

Sign up for job alerts to have a list of new postings automatically emailed to you. You can create and edit your alerts at any time to help customize the types of jobs you are receiving. To create or modify, log into your account and select “Job Alerts” from the main menu.

Manage your subscription to job alerts anytime by using the following steps:

Login to your profile

From the main dashboard, click on Job alerts link

Select the Delete tab below the job alert you wish to delete.

To cancel email job alerts:

Open an email alert you received

Scroll to the bottom of the email

Click the unsubscribe link

Every job alert email has a link at the bottom of the email that says unsubscribe. Click the link to cancel the alert. If you have multiple alerts set up, you must cancel each one individually.

Click Pricing or Post a Job from the main menu to bring you to the different job posting packages we offer. You can always reach one of our recruitment advertising specialists for assistance as well by filling out the contact us form or giving them a call at (888) 995-2244 Ext 1039.

The default payment method is by credit card.

If you need to be invoiced, please contact our sales representative.

A receipt will be emailed to the email address associated with your employer account. It will also be listed in your billing history.

Please contact your association for any discounts/ codes that may be available.

Member discounts cannot be combined with any other discount nor be applied retroactively.

From your dashboard, please select "Manage Existing Jobs". From here you will be able to see job statistics such as views and applicants.

Log in with your current email address and password.

Click the Preferences under the greeting in the right-hand corner.

From your dashboard, please select "Contact Us". From here you can request to have your account deactivated.

Posting Your Jobs

You can post a job by going to the Post a Job button in the right or on the dashboard. Here you can choose the job posting package you’re interested in. You’ll then be brought to a checkout page where you will enter your payment information. You will then be prompted to post your job!

Apply Methods: You can select one of three ways job seekers are to apply

  • Use your account on the Career Center to manage your applications
  • Applicants and their resumes, and cover letters emailed to a specific address
  • Enter a URL where job seekers will be redirected

Note: Applications of job seekers who apply by email are stored in your account. We cannot store the candidate’s information if we redirect them away from the Career Center as they have just clicked through from our site to yours.

Please select "Contact Us" from your dashboard.

It can take up to 10 minutes for your newly posted job to appear in the search results on the Career Center.

Access your job list by clicking the Manage Existing Jobs on your dashboard or in the menu bar. Select Edit from the list of action dropdowns to make the desired changes.

Note: It can take up to 10 minutes for your changes to appear on that job when viewed in the search results.

From your dashboard please select "Contact Us". We are here to help!

You can manage jobs you have posted by clicking the link "Manage Existing Jobs" on your dashboard or in the menu bar.

Please notice the drop down that defaults to Active. You can organize your postings by Active, Expired, or Suspended

Note: Only active jobs are returned in your job list. If you would like to view your expired or suspended jobs, you must first click that option in the available filter.

To renew your still-active job before it expires (and get a discount!), follow these steps:

-Log into your account

-Click on "Manage Jobs/Your Jobs" at the top

-Next to your Job's title, click on "Boost"

-Select the "Additional 30-days" upgrade

-Check out

Jobs cannot be deleted.

To remove a job from the active list, select Suspend from the action's dropdown on the Manage Existing Jobs page.