Mountain Institute JTED #2
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Company Overview

MIJTED is beginning its sixth year of existence and Mountain Institute continues to perform at the highest level! Over the past seven years we have seen students reach pinnacles of success in all program areas, and you as teacher are to be commended for the great job you are doing to prepare our students as they pursue the Career dreams. Mountain Institute is again expected to lead the state in students passing percentage for the Arizona CTE End of Program Assessments. Our students our also experiencing success on industry assessments and we have received many success stories from former students who are experiencing success in all areas! We are experiencing a cultural shift in Arizona’s Educational System, with CTE and JTED’s taking a leading role in many areas. As the new A-F grading system now includes a 20% CTE component, schools are taking a new interest in CTE and JTEDs. The Governor’s Office and the Arizona Ready Council have clearly indicated that CTE & JTED is critical to the development of Business and Industry in Arizona and also see us a critical component of Arizona’s Education System. Just this past April, CTE and JTED programs received National attention when Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University, released a major research study on the effectiveness of CTE & JTED’s called “On the Rise”, 21st Century Career and Technical Education Pathways. Below are some notable excerpts from their study:  By 2020, employment in “middle-skill” occupations – occupations that require either an associate’s degree or a postsecondary vocations credential – is projected to increase by nearly 20 percent.” (pg. 17, Morrison Institute, 2013)  “By 2020, 65 Percent of jobs in the United States are projected to require a postsecondary education that will lead to credentials, certifications, and degrees.” (pg. 25, Morrison Institute, 2013)  “In today’s economy, both foundational academic knowledge and technical skills are essential to qualify for a job and succeed at it” (pg. 44, Morrison Institute, 2013)  “Results indicate that CTE participation does have an effect on students’ academic engagement as measured by the likelihood of dropping out and absenteeism.” (pg. 16, Morrison Institute, 2013) Mountain Institute is committed to providing “High Quality” Career and Technical Education programs to students in Western Yavapai County! We believe that MIJTED is on the cutting edge of Education reform in Career and Technical Education and invite students, teachers, parents, and communities to join us and our business and industry partners in providing the highest quality education possible to our students.